Barista Hustle Tamper

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20 KWD
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with Case
  • Replaceable Base
  • Eliminates Vacuuming 



At only 250 grams, the Barista Hustle Tamper makes regular tampers feel like an axe, and you’ve just upgraded to a scalpel. A less cumbersome tamper also means less repetitive strain on the body.

Eliminates Vacuuming

A tight portafilter fit combined with a unique double flange between the base and top slope of the handle eliminates potential vacuuming created by a traditional thick piston face. This reduces channeling and provides a more stable puck for extraction. 58.4mm diameter base. 

Optimal Grip 

Human-friendly shape for most hands and styles. Rock hard yet textured surface for confident gripping.

Replaceable Base

Shifts happen. Baristas drop tampers, and they get damaged. Even the hardest steel will become deformed over time. Our Barista Hustle Tamper comes with one handle and one base. Instead of replacing the entire tamper after a scratch or a ding, you can simply replace the base with a spare.

Keep It Safe Case

Do more than tote your prized tamper — protect it!  Each Barista Hustle Tools Tamper comes with a black canvas zipper case with a custom-made interior molding for a snug and safe fit.

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