ECM VTitan 64 Grinder
ECM VTitan 64 Grinder

ECM V-Titan 64 Grinder

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342 KWD
  • Free-Handed Use Possible
  • Easy Programming
  • Titanium Coated 64 mm Burrs
  • Stepless Grind Adjustment
  • Powerful 450 W Motor


There’s a lot of science behind why you should grind your own coffee beans, but it essentially boils down to two words: freshness and flavor. By using the ECM V-Titan 64 grinder, you will be able to maximize the freshness of your coffee and get the best taste out of your brew without pesky oxidization - this grinder has extensive capabilities and, let’s be honest, a downright gorgeous appearance.


Stepless Adjustment - Manually control the grind of your beans. Stepless grinders allow the user to play around/experiment with different grinds to find your ideal setting. Adjustable by turning a knob, there are an infinite amount of grind settings.

Programmable Setting - The ECM V-Titan 64 allows for 2 programmable dosing settings. Simply program your doses, press the button and the grinder will begin grinding grounds directly into your portafilter. No extra work is required from you.

Short Bean Hopper - V-Titan grinders have been equipped with short bean hoppers to reduce its total height by roughly 1.5". The clear plastic hopper can hold up to 17.6oz of whole bean coffee and features a stopper to cut bean flow for easy removal and cleaning.

64mm Titanium Coated Burrs - 64mm titanium coated burrs, which improves its lifespan. These burrs were build for consistency and durability. Easily removed for cleaning, the V-Titan's burrs operate at a low RPM to reduce heat transfer from the burrs to your beans. What this means for you is an overall better tasting shot of espresso.





Silver LED Display - To help it blend in with the stainless steel housing, the V-Titan's LED display is silver in color. The display can be used to program the timers for both the single and double shot cycles and to view the number of grind cycles that have been run.

Hands Free Grinding - The professional portafilter bracket located beneath the grounds chute allows for hands free grinding. The brackets can also be removed for greater clearance.


Product Details

Stainless Steel
Width (cm)
Weight (kg)
Hopper Capacity (Kg)
Burr Diameter (mm)
Burr Shape
Burr Material


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