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Chemex is one of the most famous and beloved coffee brand available today. The Chemex pour-over coffee maker was invented back in 1941 and it has come a long way since then. What makes it special is the fact that it can brew Coffee without imbuing other flavors in it. Moreover, it has been placed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York due to its simple and unique design.

The Chemex 6 Cup Classic is just one example of the products offered by Chemex. This coffee maker comes with a high-grade borosilicate glass that makes it very attractive. They also have paper filters that go perfectly with their coffee makers. In other words, Chemex provides you with the whole experience.

Pour Overs

Chemex 10 Cup With Handle

23 KWD
Gives Purest Flavor High Grade Borosilicate Glass Artistically Designed Lovely Centerpiece
Halfmoon Filter
Sold out

Halfmoon Filter

Cone-Shaped Provides Pure Coffee Uniform Extraction Guaranteed Not to Burst
Sold out
Pour Overs

Chemex Three Cup Classic

15 KWD
Simple Timeless Elegant Design High Grade Borosilicate Glass With Polished Wood Collar Perfect Coffee Taste
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